Open application – Trä Digital – Helsinki

Open application – Trä Digital – Helsinki

Healthy living

We at Trähus believe that everyone has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment. We want to change the way people design, build, buy and maintain houses. We create sustainable, healthy buildings and environments that last for generations. 

We are growing rapidly, and Trä Digital is now looking for a

Open application

The first question that we often hear in Trä Digital is related to what digitality means when it comes to tradition and woodwork from where our roots stem.

For us, digitalization, building materials or tools is not the absolute value, but - just like the rest of the Trä Group - the focus is on openness, healthy living and people's wellbeing.

Digitality acts as a support to healthy living and is based on the ability to influence all aspects of construction. This path goes all the way from the architect's pen to the living room, sauna and office ending up to the service of the final building. Investigating this value chain and working towards a better outcome is at the heart of Trä Digital.

Trä Digital's product development is wide-ranging, and technology seeks to solve the problems of traditional construction by improving the quality and ultimately the well-being of people - whether it is optimization or automation of production processes, collecting IoT sensor data or scalability of the cloud platform.

Trähus has a long heritage of traditional construction, but at Trä Digital we are still at the beginning. It gives a lot of opportunities. However, we are backed by strong finances, experienced team and big partners who guide the business, providing enough freedom to implement things without the traditional burden on the technical side.

Our office is located in the beautiful landscape of Kanavaranta in Helsinki. Our projects are located all over the world, just like our customers. Our business is also expanding all the time to cover a growing part of the digitalisation of the building industry. We are still small, but our boots are big and our direction is true. We feel that our values and visions are meaningful.

With big boots, we also have big ears to listen to our employees and our customers. Learning is important to us, and we provide space for personal growth and leisure. People's well-being begins naturally from our own staff, which we are devoted to. Everyone's wellbeing is made up of different things and we want to hear how we can get you to enjoy yourself with us.

What kind of people are we looking for?

• Knowledge of the construction industry is not mandatory, but it certainly is helpful. The most important thing for us is that people feel our vision meaningful and want to help it forward.

• We wish to have a deeper understanding of one or more of our technologies so that we can also find enough deep knowledge in each individual's own area and also have the opportunity to train more professionals around. Such expertise can be, for example, software development, cloud engineering or architecture, infrastructure engineer, service designer - or a combination of these.

• For us, DevOps is important as a thought model. We feel that we are doing things together, and instead of throwing balls between teams – we want to make durable and high-quality things together. Agile methods are generally the basics of product development, but instead of focusing on processes, our spotlight is on the outcome.

• Courage and open-mindedness are needed - especially in the construction industry! We don’t want to do things as before if they can be done better, and we are not afraid to question things. By running agile prototypes, we can show how things work and gather data to support or against the claims.

• If analytics, Big Data, and the different degrees of machine learning are close to your heart, but you would like the outcome to be something more than flooding targeted mobile ads to people, this could be your chance! For us, this means things as better-functioning buildings with healthy indoor air where the material choices, durability, and usage are on a sustainable basis.

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